Leadership & Service Activities 

  • Participant (as a presenter) in the first graduate student showcase event, sponsored by Colorado State University graduate school - CELEBRATING RESEARCH AND CREATIVITY (February 25, 2015).


Students (NAGPS) Advocacy Event and Legislative Action Days in the

Capitol Hill, Washington DC (March 1-4, 2014).


The National Association of Graduate-Professional Students (NAGPS) in the USA is a student-run national, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of graduate & professional students across the United States. Founded by student leaders in 1987, NAGPS is the only national organization that represents the interests of graduate & professional students in public and private universities at local, state, regional and national levels.


- Wahid's responsibilities as international Concerns Chair for the western region of NAGPS is to:

A. To monitor campus and legislative issues in the Western Region which affect the ability of graduate and/or professional students from other countries to study in the United States.
B. To coordinate with and work with the National International Student Concerns Chair.
C. To join the National International Student Concerns Committee.




















  • Senator for graduate school at CSU senate, ASCSU, spring 2013.

Wahid represented the Graduate school at Colorado State university as a senator in the

ASCSU Senate in the Spring of 2013.

ASCSU Senate facilitates student activities at Colorado State University within the limits

placed upon it by this Constitution. It shall further act as liaison to any faculty and administrative bodies of Colorado State and to any other organized bodies whose actions have a bearing upon the members of ASCSU.

The Senate shall have the power to initiate and enact any legislation necessary and proper under this Constitution; to delegate its authority as it deems fit; to approve all appointments to anybody to which it has delegated authority as well as the standing Directorships in the Executive, and Supreme Court Justices; to affiliate ASCSU with any intercollegiate or intra-collegiate organizations; to call for special elections; to oversee and manage their affairs as they deem proper; and to remove from office any negligent elected official (President, Vice President, or Senator), or Supreme Court member.


  • Director of Graduate Student Affairs, ASCSU (Associated Students of Colorado State University), (May 2013-May 2014).


Some of the Director of Graduate student affairs Job duties include:

1. Work to promote and expand the Graduate Student Affairs Department throughout the year.
2. Be in constant communication with the Graduate Student Council regarding activities of ASCSU, and vice versa.
3. Ensure Graduate Students are effectively represented at all levels of ASCSU, in all three branches.
4. Work to fill all Graduate Student spots on committees across the University in conjunction with the Department of Academics.
5. Assist the Graduate Student Council to recruit members to serve on multiple committees across campus, including Faculty Council Subcommittees. 
6. Work in conjunction with the Graduate Student Council, the Vice-Provost for Graduate Affairs and the Director of the CSU Health Network toward finding affordable health insurance options for Graduate Students.
7. Work with the Graduate Student Council and Housing/Dining Services to lobby for Graduate Students to be able to obtain the faculty/staff meal plan rate in CSU dining halls.
8. Work to provide opportunities throughout all areas of ASCSU to be represented by Graduate Students.
9. Collaborate with Departments in ASCSU to expand on advising support for Directors. 
10. Assist students in obtaining information about Graduate School and transitioning into graduate programs.



Duties for this position include:

1. Ensure that graduate students are fully represented within representative organizations that extend beyond

CSU graduate students (ASCSU, ASC, NAGPS, etc.).
2. Coordinate lobbying of local, state, and national elected officials.
3. Liaison, National Association for Graduate and Professional Students.



  • Member in Campus step up board, CSU spring 2013.

  • Participant in Campus Step Up 2013, social justice and diversity retreat, CSU.

  • Participant in The International Drought Resistance Symposium at CSU, 2012.

  • Hosted by CSU Radio (KCSU 90.5FM on Jul. 25, 2013) to talk about the Egyptian Revolution of January 25, 2011.



  • Global Ambassador at International Programs (2012-2015). I gave presentations about the Egyptian culture, history, and politics in schools and public libraries in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA




The Global Ambassadors Program is an international speakers' bureau through which CSU international students and scholars share their culture, heritage, language, geography and history of their countries with local elementary and high school students as well as other communities. 
Wahid gives presentations about Egypt, Egyptian culture, Egyptian history, Egyptian politics, and Egyptian-American relations in Schools, Libraries, and cultural centers in the city of Fort Collins, Colorado. Read more about Global Ambassador Program





Wahid is and an active volunteer in many of Egypt Scholars' 2020 projects. On top of them is STEPS, an integrated database aiming to raise the level of students to excel and make a quantitative and qualitative leap in the new generation of distinguished researchers in various fields through:

1.Rehabilitation of students and researchers, by setting a practical clear timed path and taking their hands towards excellence and pursue their achievements and help them to find opportunities to join the highest international universities.


2.Provide integrated information environment, provide guide towards excellence, through an integrated information Encyclopedia (written | audio | video) and advanced seminars and knowledge network for soft and hard skills as well as language and research skills.

3.The accumulation of experiences through the interactive guide and webinars. 


  • Wrote an article about Biofuel in the Arab world that was published in more than five newspapers and websites (on 2011).

  • Member of the Diversity Consulting Committee in Colorado State University – A committee assisting the vice president for diversity.


  • Minister of Planning and International Collaboration for the Egyptian Shadow Government (August 2011 to 2015)

Wahid serves as a minister of planning and international cooperation as he monitors the government 5 years plans and the development index, as well as monitor all the international agreements, and advocate for international cooperation between Egypt and other countries, especially in respect to higher education and research between Egyptian universities and other universities.


  • Cofounder and Elected Spokesperson for the Union of Young Egyptian Faculty, 2011



The union serves as a student government for graduate teaching assistants and assistant lecturers in the Egyptian universities. The main goal for this Union is to represent master and PhD student who teaches in Universities and advocate for their rights. The union led a movement and advocacy efforts to raise the salaries for all academic staff in Egyptian Universities and research institutes in 2011 and resulted in about 3-fold increase in salaries. The union was part of the committee to rewrite a new draft for the law of higher education in Egypt. One more achievement of the union is that its efforts made all the administration/leadership positions in Egyptian universities by direct elections instead of appointment. Wahid was a cofounder of this union and a representative for the biggest university in Egypt (Cairo University), as well as an elected spokesperson for the Union as he was hosted in multiple of media outlets to talk about the union, its goals, and the higher education and research in Egypt and how to improve it.





  • Participant in the preparation of the E-book language Soup by Kathryn A. T. Knox to facilitate foreign language education for kids. 














  • Represented the Egyptian Universities in the negotiations with the Egyptian government to change the higher education law in Egypt, in 2011.


  • Organizer and participant in the model of Egyptian Parliament at the American University in Cairo (AUC) 2005/2006.


  • Participant in the Program of students exchange between the Faculty of Agriculture of Cairo University and Damascus University, Syria, 2004.



  • Represented CSU in the Annual National Association of Graduate-Professional Students (NAGPS) meeting in Kalamazoo, Michigan (November 7-10, 2013).

  • Liaison between Cairo University in Egypt and Colorado Stat University (CSU), facilitating  strategic collaboration betwee the two institutes, 2014.

  • Hosted by the Egyptian TV and newspapers to talk among other about Higher education and scientific research in Egypt, Europe and the USA, Biofuel and food security, Climate change and Food security, the Egyptian revolution and the role of the youth.